Idegennyelvű kiadványok

The Jewish Community of Gyula and the Shoah
- Documents -

Compiled and the Introduction Written by
Mrs Kereskényi Edit Cseh

Studies of Gyula 6
Edited by Gyula Erdmann
Translated from Hungarian by Mrs Edit Miskolczy and László Miskolczy
Published by Békés County Archives with the sponsorship of Békés County Self-Government
English translation sponsored by Gyula Jewish Foundation

We wish to acknowledge the generous and comprehensive assistance of
Mrs Imre Diósi, Dr Lajos Diósi, Gyula Paulinyi and Barnabás Pánczél in compiling this volume.

Preface to the 2003 edition
Introduction, history of the local Jewish community
Archive sources, 51 items from the period 1939-1945
Reminiscences by Mrs Diósi née Magdolna Fodor from 1994
Reminiscences, conversation by L. Kemény, Gy. Márai and Gy. Erdmann from 1986
List of Jewish students at local Roman Catholic Grammar School 1903-1947
Names and fates of local jews in 1940-44